RTI Public Notice

Sr. No. Name of FAA & Designation Jurisdiction/ Office Contact Details
1 J K. Meena, Additional Commissioner CGST Hqrs, Indore rtihqind@gmail.com, cgst-indore@gov.in, jkmeena.67@gov.in
Sr. No. Name of CPIO & Designation Jurisdiction/ Office Contact Details
1 Ajay Kumar Goswami, Assistant Commissioner   CGST Hqrs, Indore rtihqind@gmail.com, cgst-indore@gov.in
2 Sushil Kumar Dubey, Assistant Commissioner  Division-I sushil.1585@gov.in, gstindorediv1@gmail.com
Sheth Mohd Rasulbhai, Assistant Commissioner  
Division-II Idrish.sheth@gov.in, gstindorediv2@gmail.com
4 Jadav Jayesh Khodidas, Assistant Commissioner   Division-III gstindorediv3@gmail.com
5 Dhiraj Vishwasrao More,Assistant Commissionerdhiraj.more@gov.in, Division-IV gstindorediv4@gmail.com
6 Imran Ahmad,Assistant Commissioner Division-V. Imran.ahamad@gov.in, gstindorediv5@gmail.com
7 Meena Ramsingh, Assistant Commissioner Division-VI & VII ramsinghm.g019301@gov.in gstindorediv6@gmail.com, gstindorediv7@gmail.com
8 Sudesh Bagde, Assistant Commissioner DivisionVIII(Dewas) SudeshKB.G034201@gov.in gstindorediv8@gmail.com
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