Order No. Date of Issue Subject- PENDING IGST REFUNDS.  Download
  100/200 14/08/2020 Refund Of IGSTon Export mis match-cases-altenative mechanism with officer interface Click to Download
OFFICE ORDER No. Date of Issue Subject- Office Order  Download
  03 /2020 07/08/2020   Assigning charge of Central Registry Unit (CRU) - reg. Click to Download
  02 /2020 07/08/2020  Assigning charge of accessing Designated Email account-reg. Click to Download
  01 /2020 06/08/2020  Launch of e-Office in CGST & Central Excise Commissionerate, Indore on 6th August 2020 - reg. Click to Download
Notice No. Date of Issue Subject- Public Notice Download
 03/2019-20-gst 07/11/2019 Nomination of Nodal officer in-charge Tax payers services in indore  Click to Download
 02 /20I9-20-gst 29 /08/2019 Public Notice-special Drive-Gst Refunds fornight Click to Download
 01/2019-20-gst 08/07/2019 Public Notice-Facilitating taxpayers through GST Seva Kendras - Reg Click to Download
Notice No. Date of Issue Subject-Trade Notice Download
04/2020-21 18.01.2021 Procedure For Units Manufacturing Cigarette  Click to Download
O6/2020 07.08.2020 Designating official email id of CGST & Central Excise, Commissionerate Indore- reg.   .  Click to Download
O5/2020 06.08.2020 Launch of e-Office in CGST and Central Excise Commissionerate, Indore from 06th August 2020  .  Click to Download
O3/2020 02.07.2020 (1) Clarification on refund related issues - (2) Clarilication in respect of levy of GST on Director's remuneraoon_ (3) Clarification in respect ofvarious measures announced by the Government for providing reliefto the taxpayers in view of spread of Noyel Corona Virus (COVID-19). (4) Furnishing a Nil return in FORM GSTR-3B through SMS_reg.  .  Click to Download
02/2020 04.04.2020  Clarification in respect of various measures announced by the Government for providing relief to the taxpayers in view of spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) - regarding.   Click to Download
01/2020 01.04.2020 Clarification on refund related issues-regarding.  .  Click to Download
14/2019-20 09.03.2020 Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by exporters  .  Click to Download
12/2019-20 09.12.2019 Standard Operating Procedure to be followed in case of Non-Filers of returns .  Click to Download
11/2019-20 09.12.2019 Withdrawal of Circular No.107/26/2019-GST dt. 18.07.2019   Click to Download
10/2019-20 09.12.2019 Fully electronic refund process through FORM GST RFD-01 and single disbursement. Click to Download
08/2019-20 07.11.2019 Clarification reBarding cST rates & classification (goods) -reg, Click to Download
07/2019-20 10.1O.2019  withdrawal of Circular No'105l24lzorg-GsT dated 28'06'2019 -reg' Click to Download
06/2019-20 28.08.2019 Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme Rules'2019 -reg' Click to Download
 05/2019-20 14.06.2019 GST exemption on the upfront amount payable in term lease of plots, under Notification No. 12/20U- Central 28.06.20L7 reg.  Click to Download
 04/2019-20 14.06.2019  GST applicability on seed certification Tags -reg' Click to Download
 03/2019-20 23.05.2O19 clarification regarding filing of application for revocation of cancellation of registration in terms of Removal of Difficulty Order (RoD) number 05/2019 -central Tax dated 23,O4.ZOlg res Click to Download
 02/2019-20 23.05.2O19 Clarification in respect of utilization of input tax credit under cST -reg Click to Download
01/19-2O  23.05.2O19 Clarification regarding exercise of option to pay tax under NotificationNo.2/2019-CTo dt 07.03.2019 _reg Click to Download
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